Saturday, April 14, 2012

The following link is a PowerPoint developed to persuade the administration of a charter school to consider investing in an employee development plan for their teachers. The school teaches content through teacher written "expeditions". These expeditions are similar to project based learning units of study. The company that the school partners with to create the culture of expeditionary learning and teaching is called EL (Expeditionary Learning). The PowerPoint highlights several initiatives that the school can consider to show their staff that they are valuable to the school and increase their understanding of EL.

Click here to see the PowerPoint.


  1. Employee Development Plan
    I really enjoyed watching your PowerPoint presentation on the Employee Development Plan for the Butterfly Academy. It was very creative and informative. Good use of color to highlight concepts. Under formal education, I liked your suggestion for the creation of a library of professional resources and project based learning materials for Expeditionary learning. I also liked the idea of creating a mentoring connection with the school in Baltimore currently using Expeditionary Learning. There are alot of technology options for this connection. How will you collect the assessment information on staff behavior, communication styles, values and skills? How would you propose to provide a positive climate for your teachers?

  2. Mike,

    I would create assessments in the form of worksheets. I would look for themed information each week/month and have teachers fill them out. I would have the worksheets ask about the communications between the mentors, different strategies that were used and the positives and negatives the teachers saw with each attempt. I would also have monthly meetings to have staff share their thoughts, discoveries and use them to create school wide norms. I think these meetings will be what really helps to cultivate a positive climate in the school. I would also offer teachers a chance to write about their experiences and help them get published or share them on a Butterfly Academy website, that will hopefully create even more professional practices sharing among the two locations.