Saturday, September 11, 2010

Getting a little clarity !

Welcome to my blog. I am currently a second grade teacher getting her Masters in Instructional Design and Technology and have no real experience in this field. As I began to scour the internet looking for information about Instructional Design  I wished for  a simple blog that answered some of my questions in a way that gave me the information I needed and links to other blogs that offered up relevant information  . .

Well since I didn’t find that blog I wished for (and I am required to create a blog for my class) I will do my best to grant my own wish and hopefully help others in my same or similar situations. Since I do not have that much information to convey from my own experiences, I will start a few links to blogs that have really helped me   not only gain some clarity but fueled my excitement about getting into ID.

The first step for me to gain a better understanding was to look at a job description for an ID position.  If you go to Arron's tech blog  you will find a very comprehensive description of an Instructional Design job along with duties, required skills and education. There are also a handful of links at the bottom of the page to currently listed jobs, that can give you an even clearer understanding of what employers are looking for. I like to go back to this page when I have read far too much and begin to feel overwhelmed. It is like my little touchstone of sanity when the  information on this "superhighway" leaves me looking like roadkill. 

Another blog that really offers up a plethora of information on books, personal stories and educational choices in Instructional Design is Cammy Bean's blog. She has been in the field since the late 1990s and started in the classroom (like me). Cammy's blog offers links to several other great blogs as well. She is also a writer and has a page all about books on the topic if you are interested in additional reading. I just found her blog so I have yet to order/read any of the books. But if you have read any feel free to let me know in a post. I think this is a good site to keep because it is filled with so many different kinds of resources that can be used while in school and as a professional. So, even if you are chuckling to your self as you read my blog because you have already masterfully navigated your way through this field into a considerably successful career, I still think you could find some useful resources on this page. 

My final blog that I will recommend is by far the most informative of them all. I have already spent a great deal of time reading it and linking to the other blogs listed on it. Christy Tucker's blog has an entire series on Instructional Design basics. The series offers up all types of information. It talks about what goes into doing the job, how people get into the field, different skills to have, career options and so much more. She keeps the writings short and filled with information. This site is perfect for the novice, like myself. It is full of so much information but not too many links or words, for that matter. It is very useful because it is so clear and concise. There is even a wealth of information in the posts people leave on this page. 

Well that is all I have thus far. As time goes on we shall see where this journey takes me. Fell free to offer any navigational help. I am constantly looking for information and resources as I transition from my little classroom to one without walls. 


  1. Danielle,
    your initial post was very informative and provided great resources, especially for those of us who are getting into the field to change careers. Your links were very helpful especially the blog by Christy Tucker.
    Looking forward to reading more. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the positive feedback Dawn! The Christy Tucker blog is amazing!

  3. Out of the blogs viewed I really enjoyed this blog . I enjoyed it because Christy Tucker thought that it would make since to create a blog that answered a question that many people were asking her and that is what an Instructional Designer does. I also the blog isn't just filled with the author's own thoughts but the thought of others that was gathered through email. Christy decided to compile these emails and place them within her blog for view which I found interesting as well. These posts discuss how one can get into the field of Instructional Design, what skills are needed to be marketable in this field, careers offered and there is also a link for view to determine if Instructional Design is right for you. Since I have no experience in this filed I really enjoyed the section that let me know the courses that would be useful to me and which degree would be more suitable. The person who wrote this entry stated that he/she has hired individual with no experience but with these educational skills under their belt and it worked out fine. I do plan on following this blog since I feel it offered me very useful information.

  4. I am glad you got all of that from her blog. When I came across it I was there for a while. She has a wealth of information to offer. I hope to one day have people saying that about this blog!